Claire Fitzpatrick, CMP, CMM    
Photo 1, 4, 6 © Mike Pinder






But in most organizations, the employees who are tasked to pull together such events can’t devote all of their time and energy to the job. They have other work to do. Let’s face it, your organizing committee will do its best to squeeze conference related tasks into a workload that is already full.

Using the services of a Certified Meeting Planner will ensure that your conference or event is designed, organized and executed in a professional manner and in keeping with the overall objectives.

Acting as a Project Manager, my role is to coordinate
all of the elements that are essential to mounting
a professionally-managed event. That means working with each team member – your own organizers and team leaders, suppliers, delegates, speakers, sponsors, travel agents, caterers, security and so on.

It is my job to make you look good as a Conference Chair. By letting me take care of the details and logistics, you can focus almost exclusively on the content.


“The superb organization and smooth operation of the event was noted by virtually every panellist and Claire’s work got rave reviews from the participants, most of them veterans of academic conferences. Some said they had simply never seen anything like it and marvelled at the efficiency of our organization. Each and every person who congratulated me on the success of the event was given the same message by me: if you ever organize a major conference, hire Claire Fitzpatrick.”

- Allan Thompson,
Carleton University
The Media and the Rwanda Genocide, Ottawa, Ontario (400 people)