Claire Fitzpatrick, CMP, CMM    
Photo 1, 4, 6 © Mike Pinder






Claire has managed a number of conferences from A to Z but has also worked successfully in partnership with in-house meeting planners who were grappling with complex or multi-faceted events that required someone experienced on site to oversee elements of the event.

In some cases, in-house staff are not interested or experienced enough to put in the long hours or assume the pro-active role that is essential to managing an event.

• Working in partnership, Claire becomes the in-house Meeting Planner’s partner on site to ensure they look good and to make sure that nothing in the event slips through the cracks.

• Claire makes sure the off site functions are set up and managed and guides the staff on their responsibilities.

• Claire arrives in the morning when the Meeting Planner arrives, and does not leave until the job is done.

• Claire maintains confidentiality and as a matter of policy, does not keep any confidential files after the event, or disclose any financial or business elements of your organization/event, nor any personal discussions.


“Any meeting planner will be thankful for some extra help during an event. However, the help of another meeting planner, and in particular of a professional, creative and dynamic one, such as Claire, was priceless. It is easy to lose sight of certain aspects of an event when you are caught in the minutiae of it – by being one step removed from the event, Claire was able to focus on the larger picture and pitched in before anything could slip through the cracks.”

- Marta Arnaldo
Manager, Meetings and Membership Support
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada